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Michelle Faber

Founder and CEO, Busy Minds Mindful Movement

Enhancing Children's Mental Health Through Movement and Mindfulness

In this presentation, Michelle Faber, CEO and Founder of Busy Minds Mindful Movement, will showcase an innovative approach to fostering physical literacy and promoting children's mental health. The session will delve into the integration of mindful movement and mindfulness techniques, yielding transformative outcomes for young minds. The presentation will begin with an introduction to the importance of physical literacy in today's demanding world and its correlation with mental well-being in children. Attendees will gain insights into the challenges faced by children in managing stress, building resilience, and maintaining emotional balance. Next, Michelle will unveil the unique methodology developed by Busy Minds Mindful Movement, where movement and mindfulness seamlessly merge to form a holistic and evidence-based program. The audience will explore how this approach enhances the mind-body connection, nurtures emotional intelligence, and cultivates self-awareness in children. Through engaging case studies and real-life examples, Michelle will demonstrate the tangible outcomes observed in participants of the program. Attendees will witness improvements in focus, attention span, and overall cognitive abilities. Moreover, the presentation will highlight the positive impact on emotional regulation, stress reduction, and increased resilience, as evidenced by empirical data and testimonials. The session will conclude with practical takeaways for educators, coaches, and parents, offering strategies to integrate mindful movement and mindfulness into existing physical literacy initiatives. Participants will leave empowered with actionable steps to support children's mental health while enhancing their physical literacy journey. Join Michelle Faber at the 2023 Ontario Physical Literacy Summit this fall and discover how Busy Minds Mindful Movement's evidence-based approach can contribute to the well-being of the next generation, equipping them with essential tools to thrive in today's complex world.

Michelle Faber
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