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Pascale Vandenhaak

Omnikin Trainer, Kin-ball Canada

1. Elevate Your Kids' Experience with Omnikin Sports!
2. Rediscovering Kin-Ball : Igniting a New Era of Inclusive Competition (ACTIVE)

1 .Get ready for an exciting session filled with active and diverse sports designed for children of all ages. Engage in a multitude of structured games featuring simple rules, all with our fantastic range of uniquely shaped, lightweight, and vibrant balls. Experience the thrill of Omnikin Sports in various forms. Whether it's our Giant Basket-Ball, Poison Ball, Ultimate Rugby, or any other captivating game, there's something for everyone. Master the fundamentals of these enjoyable sports and start having a blast! At Omnikin Sports, we prioritize values like good sportsmanship, fair play, and cooperation, while also encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their actions. Witness your children develop essential character traits as they navigate physical competition, emphasizing teamwork and personal growth. Embark on a remarkable sports journey like no other!

2.With this session, you will learn a new way of introducing this amazing inclusive sport with mini-games of progression. This starts with a cooperative game where participants are asked to grab the Kin-Ball as a team and bring it back to a given place. However, the further you progress, the more levels are added with additional challenges. These challenges are directly linked to a Kin-Ball skill. At the end of the games, the participants will have an understanding of the skills needed to play the sport. Therefore, after a short presentation of the rules, we will play a full game of Kin-Ball and learn drills to improve speed and strategy.


Kin-Ball, a sport that fosters personal growth and respect for rules, is unique in its equal opportunity context. It not only promotes educational success but also enhances social skills. Every player in Kin-Ball is valued, regardless of their experience level, making it especially important in promoting physical activity for all. Kin-Ball perfectly aligns with Manitoba's physical education curriculum by emphasizing inclusivity and valuing each participant. The sport cultivates mutual respect, collaboration, and effective communication, essential skills in the curriculum's objectives. Its cooperative and egalitarian principles seamlessly integrate into the broader educational framework, extending beyond athletic abilities. Furthermore, Kin-Ball plays a vital role in promoting an active lifestyle. By embracing inclusivity and providing equal opportunities, the sport encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds and abilities to engage in physical activity. This inclusive nature fosters a sense of belonging, empowerment, and motivation for adopting and maintaining an active lifestyle. Kin-Ball serves as a catalyst for lifelong participation in physical fitness, contributing to a healthier and more active society.

Pascale Vandenhaak
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