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2. KEYNOTE - Drew Mitchell

Senior Director of Physical Literacy, Sport for Life Society

“The State of Physical Literacy Today”

Drew is the Senior Director of Physical Literacy for the Sport for Life Society and works as a consultant focused on the development of physical literacy at the community level and promoting the Canadian Sport for Life Movement. Drew has extensive knowledge and experience working collaboratively and passionately managing several physical literacy projects across Canada. He is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Drew has worked extensively in the sport system as an educator and developer of programs for the past 20 years. He managed Sport Technical and Performance Services for viaSport BC and was the Manager of Science & Medicine programs for SportMedBC where he worked with over 50 different sports at the local, provincial and national level. He is also a past member of the Canadian National Canoeing Team and the former Health champ; Lifestyle Coordinator at the Downtown Vancouver YMCA. Drew has been involved in sport and fitness for over 40 years as an athlete, coach, administrator, volunteer, developer and manager.

2. KEYNOTE - Drew Mitchell
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