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Andrea Haefele

Health & Physical Education Curriculum Consultant, Ophea

1. Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education 101
2. Play for All: Re-imagining physical activity throughout the day

1.Physical and emotional safety is a precondition for meaningful learning in Health and Physical Education. It is critical that educators provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for learning in HPE. The Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education (OPASSE) can help educators: promote a wider range of physical activities and be more aware of the safety standards and strategies that can be used to help promote an emotionally and physically safe environment.

In this workshop, participants will:

- Learn how OPASSE can increase the variety of physical activity opportunities for students;

- Examine ways OPASSE can help minimize the inherent and perceived risks in activities;

- Explore how putting physical and emotional safety at the forefront can help students develop confidence and competence in physical activities.

2.Belonging is essential to well-being, and well-being is essential to learning. Providing opportunities for every student to participate in physical activity through intramurals can help students experience a sense of belonging in their school community. These opportunities are especially important for those students who are typically underserved, not physically active at school, and/or have little access to physical activity experiences beyond their school day. This increased sense of belonging can positively impact their overall well-being and learning.

In this workshop, participants will:

- Learn about Ophea’s Play for All resource and the guiding principles to provide educators with a foundation to review, reflect on, and re-imagine an intramural program;

- Explore intramural planning resources to support inclusive approaches when designing intramurals that are accessible to every student;

- Participate in a variety of Play for All activities and learn how to modify them for diverse intramural settings; and

-Learn how one school community is using Play for All to re-imagine their recesses

Andrea Haefele
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