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David Aresenault

Founder and Executive Director, Champions for Life Foundation

Champions for Life - Empowering Children to Move Well!

Discover the evidence-based Champions for Life Programs and Resources that empower children to move well and build the knowledge, skills, confidence, and motivation to be active for a lifetime:

Little Champions - A series of interACTIVE stories and adventures which introduce FUNdamental movement skills to children as part of their journey of engaging in a lifetime of physical activity.

Physical Education Resources - A collection of comprehensive resources to easily bring physical literacy into the Physical Education curriculum in a structured and measurable way. (PHE Canada Endorsed 2023-2024)

Champions for Life Program - An engaging after-school or community program that helps children develop their FUNdamental movement skills through games and dynamic activities. (PHE Canada Endorsed 2023-2024)

RECESS Champions! - The Champions for Life Foundation has partnered with Recess Guardians to offer a leadership training program for older children and youth who will support children ages 4-8 years old through their physical literacy journeys in the schoolyard, in PE class, in the classroom, or in their communities.

David Aresenault
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