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Kim Gilhespy

Teacher, WRDSB
Volunteer, CIRA

The Best of CIRA

Looking for a variety of games and activities that get students engaged and moving in your Physical Education program? In this active workshop, CIRA Ontario focuses on low organizational games that by their very nature, foster an inclusive, active, and fun learning environment for all.

Participants will learn a variety of games and activities that can be implemented into their program immediately. Games that focus on inclusion, social emotional learning, and teambuilding, and encourage movement, cooperation, and fun, will be featured. Referring to CIRA Ontario’s various resources, games with minimal equipment, TGfU style games, circle games, and games with many different variations, participants will receive a wide variety of activity ideas that are sure to appeal to youth and adults alike, and in many different settings. A little bit of this. A little bit of that. A whole lot of activity and a whole lot of fun!

CIRA Ontario’s motto is “fun, active participation for ALL!” CIRA Ontario has published over 30 resources in an attempt to help those working with youth within schools, camps, and other recreational areas. CIRA runs tailor made workshops at reasonable prices. For more information, please come to our booth in the exhibit area or go online at

Kim Gilhespy
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