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Ranil Mendis

Board of Directors, OSCA

Introduction To Cricket

The “Introduction to Cricket” session is aimed at school teachers interested delivering cricket in the physical education class. The one hour workshop will equip teachers with the following:

• a better understanding of the game of cricket (including Rules, Laws, Basic Technical Concepts for batting, bowling and fielding)

• be able to instruct and deliver cricket lessons (introduce drills, activities and modified games based on cricket concepts and techniques, which can be easily carried out during Physical Education classes)

• increased awareness to advise/educate other teachers about cricket

OSCA Cricket Manuals will be distributed to schools for teachers, which will include:

• Introduction to Cricket: basic concepts and techniques

• Lesson Plans (Drills, activities and modified games for classes including required materials and alternative equipment)

• Guidelines for developing and promoting cricket within schools and give a better understanding to Physical Education teachers on how to conduct sessions and introduce cricket to students effectively.

Ranil Mendis
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